I lied Again!!!

A bottle of Batida de coco — A liquer
I really have no idea why this picture made sense for this post, but there you have it.😂

I seem to tell so many lies recently.

I want to make a deal with myself.

But firstly, I would like to apologize to myself and everyone that got to see me openly say mean things to myself. I am sorry and I hope it won’t happen again.

A Back Story

I woke up this morning full of life and enthusiasm for all the things I am and the prospects that lay in front of me.

Just two nights ago, it was the opposite — I felt like crap and openly talked down on myself. I said I wasn’t smart, or great and acting all strong was all a lie.

Well, I am here to say That’s a lie Again!

The Truth?

I am Cynthia Peter. Probably not the first of my kind but a different breed. I am smart, intelligent, hardworking, decent, and even though I’ll still procrastinate, get lazy, get broke, and not feel comfortable and proud about myself somedays, I’ve realized that I am much more than the bad things that go on in my life.

Yes, I may not get that job, I may not get that interview with some dream company, I may not solve all the problems I want at a time, but I want to make a pact with myself to stay happy, speak positively and love me regardless.

I feel like I will break this pact, but then that’s why I have you to keep me in check.

I hope I can find a reason to smile and pat myself in the back whenever the going gets tough. I mean I am Obiagu (Lionheart) right? So, it can’t be so difficult, right, right, right?😃

credits to giphy

So, tell me, how do you manage your bad days?



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Cynthia Peter

Cynthia Peter


A mind learning to live one moment at a time. I am finding my path as a developer💙 and Writer. I write about my journey, musings, lessons, and then growth.🚀