Introducing Tiqwa

Introducing Tiqwa

If like me, you’re a frequent traveler, then you just may agree with me that the hardest part of traveling is planning. I mean asides from actually making the money to travel and it’s worse if you’re someone that doesn’t trust agencies to handle your itinerary.

Sometimes, we have to do the work of planning ourselves and this is hard. In more recent times, we’ve seen some websites, tools, and companies find cool ways to make finding flight tickets easy, but is the problem still there? Of course! Finding tickets, making bookings, and planning a trip are still as difficult, especially within Africa.

However, for a travel enthusiast, one of the best ways to start is finding cheap flight tickets, comparing them against each other, and finally booking a suitable flight.

This piece is to introduce you to Tiqwa, an API built by users to aid developers, product owners, product managers, and curious minds to build solutions for the travel, hospitality, and tourism industries.

Tiqwa was built out of a want to solve a problem for the community to travelers and developers. We built this solution for ourselves and have finally decided to make it open to all.

Meet Tiqwa?

Tiqwa, pronounced as (‘Tee-kwa’) is a B2B platform hosted by Travel Wahoo. And is making it easier for developers to build for travel and tourism especially in Africa.

Behind Tiqwa, is a team of highly skilled individuals that love travel, tech, and are working hard to balance up the needs of the tourism, hospitality, and travel tech industry.

Using a collection of really detailed and robust technologies, Our goal is to make travel inventories easily accessible to everyone, especially in Africa. To do this, we are combining features like:

  • Flight search and price comparison.
  • Flight booking.
  • Post booking management.
  • Synchronizing travel schedules and professional calendars.

To make these possible, entities like service providers, travel agencies, airlines, and product owners are encouraged to collaborate and come up with an up-to-standard solution to travel.

Warming up to new technologies can pose a huge challenge to customers/travelers and this, in turn, could slow down the pace of growth and sometimes even terminations.

Our Mission at Tiqwa is to make it easier for businesses and developers to connect to a wide range of travel inventories while offering consultations and solutions to new challenges.

The Vision for our team at Tiqwa is to democratize the travel tech industry and be the leader in providing the most efficient travel inventory experience for businesses globally, starting with Africa.

Our Promise to every business we work with is to ensure that connecting to travel inventories and using our products will be seamless. As we have positioned a functional customer support system for both direct and indirect customers.

We have found a huge challenge for the travel tech industry and have found a way to bridge the differences. We are taking on the hard part, researching, figuring out complexities, and sourcing resources to fulfill the needs of our partners.

We’re building a community of people that wish to learn, understand, and provide solutions surrounding the travel tech and tourism industries.

Visit our official page:

Talk to us about your concerns by sending us a DM on Twitter @TiqwaHQ

We’re open to discussing your ideas and solutions that you could build using our robust API.

We’re open to discuss some ideas and solutions that we could build together!

Welcome to the new tech!



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