My September in all its Wins and Failures and lessons

I went from knowing nothing about NFT’s to writing a full-blown article featured on and Hashnodes’ homepage.

I had a fantastic month. In summary,

  • I hit a 70+ — day streak of learning Polish on Duolingo.
  • The past few months have had me writing different types of technical content for work. I published my first article on “Like I’m 5”🎊🎊🎊.
Screenshot of homepage
Screenshot of homepage

Like I’m 5 is my project that means a lot to me because this is more of the kind of writer I am. At the same time, I enjoy writing internal knowledge-based documentation, API docs, and Conceptual guides. I still feel the need to create content for people from non-technical backgrounds.

We currently have just one article, but October is here to change that. I plan to publish more articles in this new month. So help me God, 👐

  • is live! And I Participated in the Hashnode Hackathon. And even though I didn’t see it through to the end, I love that I learned a lot and got to meet a new friend — Simona.
a screenshot of website homepage
  • I am learning how to design a high-level product architecture for work. It is a lot of chaos and backlash, but I am optimistic about this one. I’ll learn this and add it to my bag of experiences.
  • Met one of the most amazing humans I admire in TECH — Aniedi🕶
  • I worked on an internal knowledge base for the engineers at work. It’s not yet published, but I am excited about this one.
  • I am celebrating my 4th month of being intentional about my bodys’ fitness. I can’t wait to share photos.🏋️‍♀️
  • My friends got married👰🤵💒. Congratulations MercyXBosun🥰. I got to meet lots of tech folks. It was legit a tech weddingXReunion for most of us.

And the most thrilling part was when the ladies stormed the men’s bachelors night. I can’t forget the looks the men had when we showed up.😂

Mercy and Bosun’s wedding photo

Overall, I had a great month, but not without some failures and lessons along the way too.

  • I interviewed for two roles and got aired✨ But we move regardless.🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
  • I failed to complete my machine learning course by Udacity.😞
  • I didn’t complete the Hackmamba hackathon. I know nothing about Jamstack.😭😩

My most significant feat in September —✋

Although there are lots of content and resources for people to succeed in tech, there is little to nothing for people coming into tech from a non-technical background. And that’s the motivation behind like I’m 5.

Non-fungible token on

I published an article on NFT’s!

To accomplish my goal of creating resources around technical jargon that people can relate to, I created and published my first article on NFT’s.

Funny fact, before that Thursday morning, I didn’t know what an NFT was either. I just got tired of seeing it on my Twitter timeline and had to go research about it. And while I was researching, I thought maybe I should share what I learned.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to explain it and even where to publish it till I remembered I had a blog I was hoping to launch soon. And boom! I published my first article just 12 hours later.

The article came at the right time, and the blog was there to hold it, and I can’t be happier for this opportunity the universe has given me to learn more and share more in my style.

In about 60hours after publication, there was tremendous traffic; the article has been featured on two renowned blogs — Hashnode and The feedback and comments have been fantastic, and I want to thank everyone for reading.

Thanks to my Partner DaveMarz for helping with the branding, designs, proofreading, and customer support roles. 🥰

I look forward to publishing more articles and building a community I can be very proud of in the nearest future.

To a successful October🍻


Muchos gracias!

Xie Xie!

Thank you!



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A mind learning to live one moment at a time. I am finding my path as a developer💙 and Writer. I write about my journey, musings, lessons, and then growth.🚀